Performance Management System
Track your employee's performance through XScribe's Performance Management System

XScribe's Performance Management System provides your company a 360-degree evaluation tool to help your employees know their basis for evaluation and what their actual performance are.

The system allows your evaluator to set qualitative and quantitative metrics from a wide range of templates to set the target of the employee for the year. The system also allows your employees to provide their feedback for the targets given to them.

The system allows your evaluators to create periodic evaluations of employees in order for them to know where they are compared to their targets. At the end of the period, the final evaluation will be created by your evaluator along with a suggested action if the employee will have a raise, a bonus, or a promotion.

Various charts can be created to have a graphical view of the employee's performance. The Performance Management System can also be linked with the other modules of XScribe ERP which will allow your company to pull real-time score of your data from various metrics in the XScribe ERP.

Key Features
  • Key Performance Indicator Template
  • Key Performance Indicator Target
  • Key Performance Indicator Evaluation

Create your own evaluation templates

Employees get evaluated depending on their position, role, or the respective department that they are in. That is why the Performance Management System allows your company to create multiple evaluation templates, using various qualitative and quantitative metrics, which you can use when evaluating your employees.


Set targets for the employees for the period

When monitoring your employee's performance, goals need to be set first. Putting specific and timed targets can motivate employees and give them better focus and direction at work. This module allows your company to create targets for your employees to meet, and has a 360-degree feedback mechanism to allow the employees to review, agree, or disagree with the targets given to them.


Evaluate your employee's performance

The main focus of the Performance Management System is, as the name implies, to track your employee's performance. The Performance Evaluation Module allows your evaluator to compare the actual results of your employee's performance vis-a-vis the targets that have been given. The Performance Evaluation Module also has a grading system and also allows your evaluator to suggest actions on whether the employee should have a raise, a bonus, or a promotion.


Track the historical score of your employees

Aside from making goals and targets, the system can also set up specific periods of time in tracking an employee's performance. This would help track if your employee's performance is improving over time.


Integrate your quantitative metrics with the XScribe ERP

The XScribe Performance Management System can integrate with other XScribe modules to pull actual data of quantitative metrics. This maximizes efficiency by eliminating the task of opening various systems, checking the actual score, and encoding it in the Performance Management System.