Payroll Module
Automate your end-to-end payroll cycle with XScribe's Payroll Module

Let your HR team focus on what they are supposed to focus on - the employee, by unloading them of tedious task of computing the payroll of an employee through the XScribe HRMS.

Utilizing the XScribe Payroll Module will make organizing and monitoring your employees' profiles very easy and convenient. Lessen encoding mistakes and duplication by letting your employees use the self-service module and let them be responsible for their own timekeeping, loans, and leave filing. The system can also streamline the payroll by automatically considering not just attendance but also all the dues while computing for your workers' salaries.

The Payroll Module can also make your employees’ clearance and final pay computations faster, as well as generate employee and government reports. Like other XScribe modules, it can also be integrated with other modules like the Performance Management; working together to help boost efficiency for your whole company.

Key Features
  • Employee 201 File
  • Online Routing of Notice of Personnel Action
  • Online Filing of Leaves, Overtime, Change Time Log, Official Business, and Schedule Change
  • Online Filing of Reimbursements and Salary Adjustments
  • Time Card Viewing
  • Payslip Viewing
  • Leave Conversion
  • Commissions Tracking and Claiming
  • Leave Balance Tracking
  • Loans Tracking
  • Clearance and Final Pay Routing
  • Government Reports (SSS, Philhealth, PagIBIG, BIR)

Organize your employee's 201 file

The Payroll Module has an extensive database that allows you to organize and keep records of all your employees' information. Employee history within the company can be seen here, as well as their violations and ongoing evaluations. Employees and their managers can be given limited access to update the information or to view it as well.


Automate the routing of changes in an employee's status, position, salary, department, etc.

Tracking down an employee's history in the company would be very simple and hassle free when automated in the Payroll Module. Being able to monitor their movement and status will help gain insights on your employees and possibly how to maximize their potential.


Avoid double encoding through the system's Employee Self-service Modules

Rather than having one person handle it, it is more efficient to let each of your employee do their own timekeeping via the Self-service Modules. Letting your employees be responsible for their attendance will decrease filing errors and duplication. The Self-service Modules also allow your employees to monitor and file their leaves, loans and overtime.


Automate the computation of the employee's time card and pay slip

Using XScribe's Payroll Module, how much money the employees earn per day can be tracked down and automatically computed by the system. Aside from the employee's hours, the system also considers the employee's various allowances, overtime, taxes and other dues set in the salary computations.


Automate the computation of an employee's leave balance

When your employees are filing leaves, the Payroll Module will automatically show how many leaves they will have left as they specify their leave details. Their leaves can also be set to either be all available from the start of the year or incrementally be given per month.


Automate the computation of an employee's loan and loan balance

The Self-service Modules also has a tab for loans. It will be easy for your employees to file loans, specifying what kind of loan it is and how much money they are asking for, before the employer either disapproves or approves them. This module also automatically computes and shows the loans' status, adding to everyone's convenience.


Automate the routing of your employee's clearance and computation of your employee's final pay

The Payroll Module can streamline your employees' final pay as well as their clearance. Considering all the loans and fees, the system can easily compute and show how much your employees' final pay would be. A worker's status on their clearance can also be easily seen and checked from this module.


Generate government reports for BIR, SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG

Aside from processing reports from the employee's timekeeping and payroll, the system can also process government reports. You can check and print out your employees' loans and remittances after exporting the data from the module.