Inventory Module
Keep track of your inventory with XScribe's Inventory Module

XScribe's Inventory Module makes tracking down the company's inventory easy and convenient. It also monitors inventory movement accurately, minimizing redundancies and errors.

When keeping a close eye on your inventory, not only can you track its movement every time an inventory is received and released but you can also detect if stocks are missing. The Inventory Module allows you to view actual and forecasted inventory balances, trigger inventory that needs re-ordering, and graph inventory transactions to determine your efficient ordering quantity.

The Inventory Module also has a multi-warehouse, multi-branch capability that allows your company to track the inventory level per warehouse and per branch.

The Inventory Module can be integrated with other XScribe modules, like the Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing and Accounting Modules in order to better keep track of the profitability and transactions of your company's products.

Key Features
  • Multi-warehouse, Multi-branch
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Inventory Requests
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Inventory Search
  • Integrated with Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing and Accounting Module
  • Electronic Approval

An accurate and detailed look of your current inventory

Improve your inventory tracking through the Inventory and Inventory Storage database. You see how much stock you have left per storage, per branch, and per company. This module can also show an item's other details such as cost, bill of materials, unit of measurement, etc.


Be able to monitor your inventory's every move

There are six type of transactions that can change the balance of your inventory level in the system:

  • Receipt of purchase order
  • Release of sale order
  • Manual addition or removal of stocks
  • Inventory transfers
  • Manufacturing transactions, and
  • Inventory reconciliation

All of these are accounted for in the system, where the cost and quantity of each inventory is updated every time a transaction is made.


Facilitate inter-warehouse or inter-branch transfers

The Inventory Module allows a warehouse or a branch to request an item from another warehouse. Once approved, the transfer can be encoded through the system. Receiving of the transfer is also done in the system, and the reconciliation of the transferred items and received items can be also be done through the system, if what was transferred does not match what was received.


Reconcile theoretical vs. actual quantity

The Inventory Module has an Inventory Reconciliation feature that allows your company to compare what is actually in stock vs. what is theoretically in stock, based on the transactions in the system. This allows your company to track the historical shortages and excesses in the periodic audit of inventory.


Integration with Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing, and Accounting Modules

The Inventory Module can be integrated with other modules of the Financial Management System such as the Sale, Purchase, Manufacturing and Accounting Modules. Inventory levels move every time a purchase order is received, a sale order is released, and whenever items are manufactured. Your company can also have forecasted levels of the inventory in case purchase orders have not yet been received, and sale orders have not yet been released. The Accounting Module also creates automatic journal entry every time an inventory transaction is made.


Track your item's profitability and popularity

There is a report function in the Inventory Module that can track and graph your inventory's movement over time.