Applicant Tracking System
Streamline your recruitment process with XScribe's Applicant Tracking System

The XScribe Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines your end-to-end recruitment process from the routing of the manpower request form, creation of job posts, sourcing of applicants, scheduling of interview, testing and evaluation of applicants, up to the job offer and hiring of the applicants.

The XScribe ATS allows your company to route for approval your manpower request form, which is the basis for the job post in the Applicant Portal.

The system has an external applicant portal where your applicants can apply and their data is saved into the Applicant database. The testing of applicants and the scheduling of their job interview can also be done through the system.

The XScribe ATS also has an Applicant Evaluation Module which allows your interviewer to provide qualitative feedback and quantitative scores to the applicant. The evaluation may also be seen by other interviewers who have access to this module.

If your applicant has passed the exam and the interview, a job offer can be given, and if the applicant accepts, there is a quick action to convert the applicant to an employee of the company without having to re-encode the details of the applicant.

Key Features
  • Manpower Request Form (Job Posting)
  • Applicant Portal
  • Applicant Database
  • Applicant Evaluation Form

    Automate the routing of your manpower request form

    The Manpower Request Form feature eliminates the process of your company manually routing forms whenever manpower is needed for a certain position, department, or branch. This feature also allows your employees to indicate details of their manpower needs such as position, department, branch, number of people required, job description and qualifications, and route this for approval. Templates for job descriptions and qualifications can also be created so that your employee can use this for quick reference. This feature also allows your employees to see metrics such as target number of employees versus number of applicants, number of qualified applicants, and number of hired applicants.


    Post job requirements through the Applicant Portal feature

    Job posts are created from the details of approved manpower request form. Your applicants can go through the portal to view possible job matches, and if interested, fill in the required details for the job post. The data encoded by your applicant is saved to the applicant database to eliminate double encoding.


    Maintain a centralized pool of applicants

    The system has a centralized database of applicants coming from various sources such as the job portal, walk-in applicants, and data imported into the system coming from other sources. This database can be used not only for your current hiring requirements, but can also be used for future hiring requirements. The applicant database has an extensive filter which allows your company to search applicants by course, skill, address, employment background, licenses acquired, etc. Through the Applicant database, interview schedules can be created, and your company can also track the application status of the applicants.


    Create tests for your applicants

    You can create and save test questions and test templates using the Test feature. Different types of tests can be made (e.g., multiple choice, true or false, essay, etc.) depending on your company's preference. The scoring system is also easily customized, how many points will depend on what answer is given by the applicant. After the applicant takes the exam, the system will record their tests and can total their scores for easier evaluation.


    Evaluate your applicants through the system

    When all the tests are over, you can schedule your applicants for interview, and evaluate them during or after the interview using the Applicant Evaluation feature. Several checklist and criteria can be loaded to evaluate the applicant. This feature allows multiple evaluators per applicant, and this may also be accessible to your other authorized evaluators so that they can tally the scores after all of the evaluations are completed. The results can also be graphed out and you can see how each person fares in comparison to one another.


    Create job offers for your applicants

    After the final evaluation and a candidate is found adequate, the job offer can be created through the system and sent over to him or her. The system also has access to a form creator where an employment contract can be prepared for your applicant.


    Convert hired applicants to employees

    If your applicant accepts the job offer and signs the contract, the system can easily copy the details of the applicant and save it to the employee database of the system, eliminating the task of re-encoding the details of the applicant.