The name XScribe embodies the confidence of the company to scribe any software X.

XScribe Solutions Inc. (XScribe) was incorporated in 2010. During its early years of operations, XScribe developed custom software for local and foreign clients from various industries – technology, sports, health, education, food, etc. XScribe also served, and continues to do so, as an offshore software development team for technology companies abroad.

In 2016, XScribe ventured in the development of its own products. As its first creation, XScribe decided to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning software designed to automate the end-to-end business processes of companies operating mainly in the Philippines. At the outset of the design, the ERP software was conceptualized as multi-module, integrated, configurable, customizable, and web-based.

XScribe soft-launched the initial version of the ERP software in 2017. Since then, XScribe has continually enhanced the features of this software considering the advice and suggestions of XScribe clients from various industries, among other inputs.

Alongside the implementation of its own product, XScribe continues to serve clients who require custom software or need other IT-related services.

XScribe. The "X" represents any software. The name XScribe embodies the confidence of the company to write any software.

Core Values
Being the Best
  • To develop continually evolving world-class software technologies that will enable organizations to efficiently manage their operations and make such technologies accessible not only to large companies but also to small and medium enterprises

  • To provide software development services for custom-fit applications

  • To be a leading software development company and be a catalyst in making the Philippines known for its software development capabilities

  • To be a preferred provider of integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software