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Do you need a custom-made software for your company? Our team of highly skilled and experienced software developers will get this job done for you.

Our software developers have a wide range of expertise: from the development of web applications, mobile applications, system applications, to the programming of hardware.

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Our Process
1. Requirements Gathering

Our team of IT professionals will evaluate the client's requirements based on requirements documents provided by the client, if any, and discussions with the client. Requirements gathering includes the gathering of data and understanding of the process flow. Meetings can be set to help understand the requirements better. During consultations, our IT professionals may also provide inputs and ideas to enhance the features of the system and to help future-proof the system.

2. Wireframing, Design, and Prototyping

After understanding the requirements, wireframes, designs, and possibly prototypes for the system will be created and submitted to the client for review. The main objective of this step is to help confirm that the company's understanding of the requirements is aligned with the client's requirements.

3. Proposal

A proposal that covers the scope of the project will be submitted to the client for evaluation. The detailed proposal comes with a timetable and list of milestones to serve as a guide in the timely delivery of the project.

4. Development

The system will be developed based on the agreed upon features. If there are changes in requirements or scope during the development stage, the company may accommodate such change. An addendum to the proposal and a revised timeline will be submitted, if needed.

5. Progress Meetings

Meetings will be scheduled to update the client on the progress on the development of the system.

6. Delivery of Product for User Acceptance Testing

Upon completion of the system, the company will notify the client. The system will be deployed in an environment where the client can test it. Comments on the behavior and bugs are to be submitted by the client to the company for resolution. If everything has been resolved, or if there are no issues, the system is prepared for deployment to production.

7. Launch

Once ready, the system will be launched. The launch includes the migration of data, training of the users, and implementation of the system to the operations of the client.

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